Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The REAL reason I keep skis in my car....

Last Saturday, we got a call from a neighbor a few miles away.  They had seen cattle out down at the barn where we keep our steers.  Nico and I headed down there and, sure enough, a single steer was out and about.  The steer must have been out for a while because we saw lots of footprints.  We know he was ready to go back into the pen because he kept looking at the gate that would let him back in.  After a few false starts at a different gate where the sun/shadow combination was making it hard for him to see the entrance, he was reunited with the herd.

Fast forward to today.  I'm driving home from work thinking over how funny it was when that steer got out.  I glance over at the steer barn as I pass and see.... cattle in snowbanks. I swore. I use a nearby driveway to turn around.   Thankfully, my larger car now acts as a good cattle guard.  I park it to block them from taking off down the driveway and pull out a handy cross-country ski.  Catching cattle is much easier if your arms are at least 6 feet long.  Fifteen minutes later, everyone is back in the groups and I'm on my way home.

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