Wednesday, December 9, 2015

RU: Labor Exploitation for Jesus: Part Thirteen

Now that RU: Schools of Discipleship has collected enough personal and legal information to steal your identity or mess with your life, they move on to collecting health information.

If RU was an employer, they would be allowed to ask if you can perform the job you are applying for.

If RU was a medical facility, they would ask detailed questions about your health after accepting you as a patient.

At this point, remember:

  • all information is being collected prior to acceptance into the program
  • RU has no written policy on who has access to your records or how those records will be managed if you are accepted or rejected from the program.
  • At least one current staff member has been in prison for unspecified charges.
Can anyone who has a chronic condition fit their appointment schedule and medications in the space provided?  I know I'd be way out of space....

Interesting fact: If you are "required" to volunteer for anything, you are not volunteering any more.
  1. I don't trust these goofballs enough to give them a list of prescription drugs I am using right now, let alone a list of drugs that were abused with dates and length of time I used them.  Minor annoyance: they spelled length as "legth".
  2. I can live with the question about hospitalization for mental illness.  The details of when, why, where and discharge date are none of their damn business on an application.
  3. I can live with the therapist question.  The dates and reasons are none of their business.
  4. The list of health issues is both strangely over-detailed and missing things at the same time.
  • How many adults have NEVER had a toothache or backache?
  • Leukemia is a type of cancer.
  • "Kidney, Thyroid, and Prostate" are names of organs not disorders.
  • HIV is missing; AIDS is the point where someone's immune function is impaired from HIV.
  • Odd omissions: asthma, allergies, skin disorders, sleep disorders, and muscular disorders.

Interesting fact: The 45 hours per week is work at RU ministries and outside employers.  They forgot to count the ~30 minutes a day you spend doing facility chores that students/patients are supposed to get paid for in Illinois.  It's more like a 48 hour work week.

Why did it take 5 pages of personal information BEFORE the disclosure of RU being "not a medical facility?"

If this is not a medical facility AND they will provide no medical assistance, why do they need all this medical information?

NO non-medical facility should be involved in treating eating disorders or people who are currently physically addicted to a substance.  Anorexia has the highest fatality rate of mental health disorders.  Some drugs are safe to stop taking "cold turkey" although the process is miserable.  Some drugs - like alcohol and some frequently abused prescription drugs - change brain chemistry in a way that makes going "cold turkey" life threatening.

"Have you ever thought about or tried to commit suicide?"  I don't think that question is asking what they want it to since everyone has thought about suicide as a topic or a word at some point in their life.  

My two cents: Do you want to give these people a list of your current and former family members, how to contact them and the information that you had a STD at some point in the past?  Do you trust these people to use this information responsibly? 

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  1. Thanks so much for this series! Please check out RU's 990 from 2014. (990s are filed by non-profits every year and summarize income and expenses). It can be found at You need to create an account on guidestar and sign-in first.

    Some interesting tidbits from the Statement of Revenue section - page 9. $636k in "housing income." $168k in "labor income." $484k in "sales of inventory."