Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thing One - Diigo

Diigo and I: A Love Story
Like many an educator, I love finding new resources on the web.  I use Google, Yahoo and Bing with random search word combinations looking for online resources that my students will love as much as I do.  I find a site and spend precious time playing...I mean...researching new classroom tools.  Alas, before Diigo, my sites were trapped on individual computers in an ever-growing list of bookmarks.  As a stop-gap internet accessible measure, I began emailing sites to myself.  This lead to an ever-growing set of folders in my email account and an increasing annoyed technology department at my school.

Diigo has freed me from the tyranny of out-of-control web page organization.  With Diigo, I can save webpages in a cloud-based platform that allows me to tag the sites freely.  I can access my precious sites from any internet ready device allowing me to prepare for school at any time and in any place.  During the crazily busy months of the year, I can use my tags to access my pertinent sites in seconds.  Since Diigo has entered my life, I no longer waste time trying to find that really cool website that had that evolution interactive that I found last summer.  Instead, I type "interactives" into my Diigo tags and a wealth of sites appear. Diigo, I love you!

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