Friday, May 25, 2012

Thing Three - Collaboration Tools

This is the most useful collaboration tool that I have created so far in my career.  At East Lee Campus, we have eight teachers, one computer lab and one cart of netbooks.  Scheduling was a nightmare when we tried it on a sheet of calendar paper hung on the computer lab door.  The paper did not allow us to make last minute changes or check availability from our classroom. Plus, it was kinda mean to make the teachers whose classrooms were in the portables to walk across the parking lot in all sorts of weather to schedule class uses.   I used a template I found on Google Docs for a basic calendar.  On each date, if you want to use the computers, you enter your name, the hour you want them and CL for computer lab or NB for netbooks.  We run on a first-come, first-serve model, but we have been known to negotiate trades when needed.  It also makes it much easier to mediate teacher time conflicts.  The person whose name is on the document gets the resources....although trades, swaps and time-shares have been known to happen.


  1. Fantastic! We struggle with scheduling labs and other equipment. This is a great way to keep it all straight. Does your district use Google apps for ed? We don't and I've tried different google docs, but without the direct access, many users are reticent. Just wondering how you got everyone on board.

    BTW -- Love the title of your blog! :)

  2. Melinda,
    Your blog posts are thoughtful and funny! I've enjoyed reading up to this point. I know you are unsure about your ability to continue in the course, but I will be checking here to see if you keep blogging and comment as needed. Please feel free to ask questions and participate in discussions.