Sunday, April 12, 2015

Preparing to Be a Help Meet: Fleas - Part One

I made a blogger decision to skip Chapter 14.  It's a story about how Sheila and Shad Williams saved their marriage through Jesus.  The problem?  First, their marriage wasn't in (much) trouble.  Second, they were married at some point before 1975. 

Yup.  Debi has started padding the book with stories from her contemporaries rather than using her shaky creative writing skills.

Moral To The Story: Who you are as a single girl will be who you are as a married woman.  If you are lazy, you will remain lazy.  If you are rebellious, you will carry it into marriage.  If, at present, you are obedient and cheerful and a servant to others then your marriage will be blessed.

Yes...and no.  People's personalities can undergo fairly drastic changes until age 35-ish.  After 35, personality characteristics become less malleable.  Clearly, marrying someone with the expectation that their personality will change dramatically is a poor choice.

I object to the sentence that was underlined in the book.  First, I object to the horrific abuse of the English language that occurred in writing that sentence.  Second, being obedient, cheerful and a servant will not lead to a blessed marriage if you married Michael Pearl. 

A Caution: Beware of spiders, fleas, snakes, bats and mice, in addition to any other small terror that might come your way.


I like bats.  We almost always have a spider or two that live in our bathroom.  I call the spider Gwendolyn. 

It's time for a few basic lessons that will help you transition into becoming a wife.  You will learn that God expects you to honor and reverence your husband even when he quietly allows you to continue your disobedience.  If you do not learn, God can and will come to your husband's aid if you ignore your husband's wishes.

According to the first chapter of this book, God can't do anything unless you pray and a legion of angels gets involved.

That's easy enough to avoid if you marry someone who doesn't pray. 

In this chapter Patricia tells us how God used Fleas to help her come to understand that quiet disobedience would not be tolerated.  Over my lifetime I have observed that God uses all manner of things to get his children to conform to his will.  Knowing that God is thus working to mature us is comforting and, at times, scary.

Debi's God is trite, petty and terrifying. To me, this a reflection of Debi's small-minded nature and wish for vengeance against everyone she doesn't like.

AntiPearl:"God created man in his own image.  And man, being a gentleman, returned the favor."* 

(*Not sure who the original quote should be attributed to; I heard it in "Inherit the Wind" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert James Lee.)

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